Bible: The Authentic Source Texts

Let us imagine, for a moment, what it would be like.
We owe it to our readers, at the very outset, to tell you what this series will be - and will not be.
As soon as I finished preaching, I knew I was in trouble with the pastor.
On the most foundational of all issues, the church has ignored God's warning about "every wind of doctrine."
When Evangelicals embraced this theory, they were well on the way to viewing the Bible as just another religious book.
How can God command us not to add to or take away from Scripture unless we have the inerrant original in our hands today?
Exactly what is God's promise to preserve His Word? How far does it extend? What does this mean for the church?
Postmodern Evangelicals claim that the differences are minor, no major doctrines are compromised, and the Critical Text is actually "superior". They are wrong on all counts.
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