Salvation - Sin & Repentance

People put forth many definitions of death that are off the mark. We who are subject to death because of our sin must understand God's definition in His Word.
Some mistakenly believe that only New Testament believers are saved by grace, and Old Testament believers were saved by law.
God's anger with sin is a major theme in the Bible, mentioned hundreds of times. Why is God angry with sin?
There was no other way. As Dr. J. Sidlow Baxter puts it, "the very safety of the universe" depended upon it.
This has been a hotly debated topic within some churches, but within the pages of Scripture there is no debate.
The answer won't be found in our highly variable feelings, or our spiritual ups and downs, but only in God's unchanging Word.
This view, touted by some leading figures who are popular among Evangelicals, is completely contrary to Scripture.
A careful study of the Hebrew words used in this passage and elsewhere tells us that the answer is clearly no - and why.
Jesus' words from the cross, "It is finished!" tell us that sinners who believe on Him aren't saved on the installment plan!
But the first thirty-nine books of the Bible contain Gospel riches that we must not leave untapped.
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