Purpose-Driven Church Movement

We need to toss the manuals and guides written about the Bible, and submit to the Bible itself.
Churches dominated by unbelief & unbelievers; sinful lives revealing unchanged hearts; ecumenism that deconstructs Christianity.
The "Bible" most often used by Rick Warren and others in the movement is The Message, a radical paraphrase written by a liberal apostate that is nothing like a faithful translation of God's inspired Word. The Message openly promotes the Purpose-Driven agenda.
Just as pragmatism pervades the "worship" of the Purpose-Driven Church, it also poisons the preaching.
In worship as in everything else, the guiding principle is pragmatism: If it draws a crowd, it must be right.
The Purpose-Driven "gospel" message is, "Find God and you will find yourself, and you will find your purpose in life."
The movement superimposes worldly wisdom on Scripture to create an un-Biblical, man-centered model for building a church.
It is the product not of the wisdom of God, but the mind of an unsaved management theorist named Peter F. Drucker.
As a byproduct of the larger and older church-growth movement, it shares the same un-Biblical roots.
To answer that question, we must compare the movement with Scripture.
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