Treasures From the Original

John 5:1-9 tells us of God's providential, perfectly-timed works of deliverance for those in need.
In our final example of this series, vital truth is again at stake - the identity of those who truly belong to the Body of Christ versus those who do not.
Jesus asserted His own deity by asking the Pharisees a vital question they could not answer.
John's second epistle is a very personal letter, but it speaks essential and far-reaching truth to the entire body of Christ in all centuries.
We can learn some vital spiritual lessons from cups and caterpillars.
Those who heard the preaching of Peter in Acts 2, and Stephen in Acts 7, were "cut to the heart" - but in very different ways.
Scripture makes it clear that God guides through prayer, His Word, and circumstances. But pragmatism has no place in God's guidance.
Christ's great shout from the cross means that no one who believes in Him is saved 'on the installment plan' -- and much more.
The unbelieving world, and much of the organized church, do not understand the true purpose of the cross of Christ. His true Church not only understands it, but glories in it.
A reader asks, "Do these two passages contradict each other? One says that the Lord awakes, but the other says that He never sleeps."
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