Can You Answer Islam's 'Irrefutable' Objection to Christ?

By Dr. Paul M. Elliott
The number one reason Muslims reject Christianity is summed up in six words: "How can God have a son?"

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Can you answer Islam's "great objection"? Here is the Biblical answer, from a Scripture-Driven Church broadcast titled "Answering Islam on Christ" (26 minutes). A summary appears below.

"How can God have a son?" Muslims consider this question to be their irrefutable argument against the deity of Christ and the teachings of Christianity. The problem is that the Islamic concept of sonship is strictly naturalistic. To produce a son, they say, God would have to engage in a physical relationship with a wife. They consider this idea the worst sort of blasphemy.

For this reason, Muslims respect Jesus - or Isa, as Jesus is known in Islam - as a prophet, but they reject His deity, and they teach that Mohammed is the greatest prophet. They deny that Jesus died on the cross or was raised from the dead. They confront Christians very aggressively on these points. All of this unbelief stems from what Muslims consider to be their unanswerable question, "How can God have a son?"

But Christians have the answer to Islam's "great objection" - in the infallible Word of God.

The Bible teaches that the sonship of Jesus Christ is relational, not naturalistic. God did not produce a son; God has always been the Son, the second person of the Trinity. Being born of the virgin Mary did not make Jesus the Son of God any more than it made Mary the wife of God. The purpose of Christ's virgin birth was to facilitate God's supreme act of mercy, the entrance of the eternally existent Son into the world in human form to die for sinners. As 1 John 3:8 tells us, "For this purpose the Son of God was manifested."

Can you answer Islam's "great objection" from the Word of God? Read or listen to the archived broadcast above to learn more!


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