Scripture and the Church

"While the trend among conservative evangelicals is to shed the label of fundamentalism, the American Council of Christian Churches stands true to the core of Biblical fundamentalism, to identify unashamedly with its name, and to seek to follow its pattern of pursuing purity."
Today we humbly declare them from the Word of God.
Today many are pursuing, and leading others to pursue, a cultural pseudo-Christianity that demands nothing of its adherents except that they function as members in good standing of a religious social club.
How you view 2 Peter 1:20-21 determines what kind of religion you believe in, because it determines what kind of Bible you believe in.
The reputedly conservative church, with few and precious exceptions, has unplugged itself from its sole source of power and authority, the Word of God.
The tragic transformation of a major American city is a strong metaphor for what has happened in evangelical Christianity over the same six decades.
The spread of opposition to Christ and the Bible around the world means the multiplication of God-given opportunities for witness. What are the keys to making the fullest use of them?
Roman Catholic apologists claim that Protestant and Evangelical Christians have "kidnapped" the Bible from Rome. But who really did - and is doing - the kidnapping?
What is at stake when men who claim to preach the Bible as their sole authority deny that God has preserved an authentic original?
These words written by 19th-century British preacher Archibald Brown are a thousand times more vital in the 21st century.
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