Scripture and the Church

Christians must not seek man-made, illusive "normalcy" but God's unchanging righteousness.
"Let's Go Brandon" is just one example of a widespread problem, even among Christians.
Christians and ministries which seek to practice Biblical separation should not partner in ministry with Franklin Graham or any of the organizations that are led by him.
What is deconstructionism, and why is it dangerous?
Christians must endeavor to "defend the poor and fatherless" and to "do justice to the afflicted and the needy" (Psalm 82:3).
"Christian Nationalism" describes a movement that un-Biblically conflates an earthly kingdom with a spiritual kingdom.
The founders of Harvard were not only committed to train men to accurately handle the Scriptures, but also to live holy lives of devotion. How far the university has fallen.
"Most concerning is the phenomenon of shifting attitudes towards socialism within conservative Christian churches, fueled by the lack of discernment from its pulpits."
In First Thessalonians 5 beginning at verse 16, the Holy Spirit through Paul gives a series of concise but weighty exhortations to Christians regarding prayer, life, the Word of God, discernment, and evil.
At their core, the problems Paul found in the Thessalonian church are the same struggles Christians have always faced, and the solution is the same as ever.
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