Scripture and You

With the world seemingly descending into a new Dark Age, where is your focus as a Christian?
Many pastors will tell you that soul-winning is the Christian's number one priority. But Scripture says that an ever-growing knowledge of God and Christ must be number one for the believer.
The true child of God will seek to pattern his life after his Lord. Is this true of you?
Early Christians were in constant danger of conflating the evil lies of paganism with the glorious truths of Scripture. We face the same danger today.
Authentic Christians relentlessly pursue the unique knowledge to be found in God's Word alone.
A July 2021 news article stated that√??√?¬†"thanks to cultural corrosion and a lack of Biblical literacy" a new "fake Christianity" is now the sad hallmark of the organized church.
Much of what is called preaching or Bible study today is like trying to appreciate the wonders of the Grand Canyon from 35,000 feet flying at 600 miles an hour.
In the name of God, we implore you not to!
Even in these days of chaos, Christ who sits on the throne of glory is "upholding all things by the word of His power." None of the events we see around us take Him by surprise. They are all part of His plan.
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