Scripture and You

When you hear the Word preached, is your first thought about how much it applies to someone else?
A prepared, prayerful study group can transact serious business with God and objectively evaluate the results.
A qualified and prepared leader, and prepared participants, are vital to the success of a study group that desires to transact serious business with God.
In our time, Satanic postmodernism reinforces the blinding falsehood that each of us is his own authority, that each of us has the right to live by his own "truth".
Group Bible study can be a vital part of the Spirit's "mopping up" operation to deal with our doubts, misunderstandings, and difficulties with revealed truth.
We answer a listener who asked for advice. (Part one of a series)
It has well been said that one of the supreme tests of godliness is what a Christian does - and does not do - when he is alone.
The uncertainty of life in these days gives greater opportunity for the proclamation of the Gospel.
In a previous article we saw that the pomp and power of the great but unbelieving men of this world become corruption and weakness when they lift up their eyes in Hell. But God commands us not to seek greatness, but smallness. It is the "small men of Heaven" who shall reign in glory with their Lord.
A "prosperity gospel" preacher didn't let Biblical facts get in the way of his "give-so-you'll-get" agenda.
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